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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Three shiny alloy wheels

We have partnered with Spit & Polish Alloy wheel refurbishment services of Kent and offer a 3 day turnaround service.

We can strip the tyres off of your wheels and take out any pressure sensor valves if you have any. The wheels are then collected on either a Wednesday returned on a Saturday. Or collected on a Saturday returned on a Wednesday.

Spit & Polish Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services


Wheels are individually inspected by hand on arrival.

Wheels undergo a special non-corrosive chemical stripping process which removes all old paint and dirt.

Wheels are blasted to remove final layers of corrosion creating a finish ready for coating.

Wheels are welded and repaired where necessary.
*An extra charge is made for welding.

Wheels are computer lathe turned, taking the material to original manufacturers specification.

Wheels go through further treatment and preparation for turning by hand.

Wheels receive a chemical pre-treatment including "de-gassing" which expels moisture, protecting the wheel.

The entire wheel is coated with powder paint and is oven baked.

The wheel is put into the wet paint shop for colour finishing.

Wheels are diamond turned where necessary to achieve a precise and polished finished.

Once diamond turned they are chemically pre-treated and de-gassed once more.

Powder or wet lacquer is added to the whole wheel and it is oven baked once again. The wheel then has to pass a final quality control and inspection.

Once approved, wheels are protectively packaged and returned to Tyre-Smart. Once returned to us, we refit and balance your tyres to your alloys and place back on your vehicle.

Damaged Alloy
Turned Alloy
Damaged Alloy


Up to 16 inch wheels
£90 each
17 - 19 inch wheels
£94 each
20 - 21 inch wheels
£101 each
22 inch and above wheels
£108 each


Spit & Polish was established in 1984, at the time wheel refurbishment was mainly achieved by hand polishing, a very messy job, and painting using traditional car paint, results were not to a professional standard and looked nothing like the original finish.

The challenge was to develop a system that looked as good as new and that could be achieved quickly (at the time only one UK alloy wheel manufacturer would refurbish wheels but often took in excess of 3 months).

What we were looking for was a way to turn around wheels the same or next day, problems were huge as we were trying to do something that had not been done before, every process needed to complete the job threw up endless problems to overcome which , slowly but surely, we did.

Within four years we were refinishing over 40,000 wheels per year, working direct with major car manufacturers as well as main dealers, Used car dealers, tyre distributors, and the general public.

The system and techniques we developed created the template that almost every refinisher in the country uses today.


Many things have changed since we first set up in 1984, for instance, the average wheel size then was 14" now it is 19"

The wheels have become larger, the shapes more complex and finishes more varied than ever.

Back then we used about 4-5 colours in our standard range, this covered almost everything, we would also mix paint to colour code wheels to the car, today our standard range is closer to 30 and rising weekly.

With this rapidly changing market we have needed to keep up with new technology and techniques to keep pace.

Today we run 6 vans, collecting and delivering to the trade throughout the home counties as well as operating a busy postal service covering the UK.

The service we offer has never been beaten for consistency in our 30 years of trading.